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Beyond the Business: Shannon Lapointe

Beyond the Business: Shannon Lapointe

There is a motive behind every entrepreneur to start their business. Often these stories are never brought to light. The goal of Beyond the Business is to feature the small business owners of Downtown Niagara Falls and tell their stories. This week’s spotlight is on Shannon Lapointe, owner of Bare Aesthetics and Painless Hair Removal Niagara, and Revitalize Your Health.

In 2018 Shannon Lapointe started her first company, bare. PAINLESS Laser, now known as bare. Aesthetics & PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal Niagara. She created this business to offer the best in laser hair removal and now also offers the best in professional medical aesthetics; ‘Here For a Gorgeous, Healthy You.’ This business provides much more than just premium laser hair removal services, Shannon prides herself in being able to offer medical-grade skin care, teeth whitening, and Botox/dermal fillers amongst other services.

When Shannon first opened her business, she was fortunate enough to see success right away and was able to build her clientele quickly. This was in part due to her medical background. Shannon has worked in critical care for over 20 years. Primarily in the Niagara Health System but also in Burlington and in Toronto for over 10 of those years. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist/Anesthesia Assistant. Then in 2020, she attended McMaster University to become a continence advisor. Her extensive education and medical experience give her a unique perspective on client issues and how to solve them.

According to Shannon, “Educating clients on what they are experiencing, what they may be doing to worsen the situation unknowingly and explaining what modalities are available to correct the situation is the basis of how I run both my businesses. Clients do not want to be sold, they want a better understanding of what they are experiencing and healthy, reputable choices on how to fix it. This is the cornerstone of what we provide.”

The exponential growth that bare. PAINLESS Laser saw early on coupled with the knowledge that there are people suffering from other health conditions, like incontinence made her recognize that: “People don’t realize that what they are going through is very, definitely very common, yet it is definitely not normal. What’s worse, is that they don’t know where to turn for help.” This is what prompted Shannon to take a step forward to opening a second business.

Shannon’s second business, Revitalize Your Health Inc, is a urinary and sexual health center that focuses on pelvic floor strengthening and sexual dysfunction in men. She offers multiple modalities including focused shockwave therapy, the Emsella chair, pelvic floor physiotherapy and continence advisor services. Shannon made the decision to take the Continence Advisor program at McMaster University so she would have precise knowledge of incontinence to be better able to help her clients.

Providing continence advisor services is very important and not found at any other clinics offering the Emsella chair treatment. Typically, those experiencing urinary or sexual health concerns are embarrassed by this, often causing them not to seek help. This can lead to social isolation, relationship problems and impacts their quality of life in a negative way. Shannon hopes to get the word out there that there is a great place to come for help!

At Revitalize Your Health, Shannon and her medical team work to create a relaxed, confidential environment where all clients can feel comfortable discussing their ongoing issues. To combat the stigma around urinary and sexual health problems, Shannon offers a free, no-commitment one-hour consultation. During this consultation, Shannon talks to each client about their complete health history, medications, and surgical history and explores exactly what symptoms they may be experiencing. She offers her expertise and provides custom recommendations to each client.

These recommendations can help clients better understand some very simple, yet important changes they can make in their everyday life that can help a great deal. She also explains all the treatment options available to each client.

The free consultation also includes a commentary full, 28-minute session on the Emsella chair. The Emsella chair is an electromagnetic device that causes pelvic floor muscles to contract involuntarily. This is a completely non-invasive, painless treatment where you remain fully clothed. Shannon gives every client a free session so they can better understand and more importantly feel how the Emsella chair contracts the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in better urinary control and sexual function.

Early in 2021, Shannon was solely operating Bare Aesthetics and she had just started creating Revitalize Your Health Inc. Right around the same time she saw the Win This Space contest from the Niagara Falls BIA.

The Win This Space contest from the Niagara Falls BIA awarded two businesses with prize money for rent at a storefront in downtown Niagara Falls. After tying the win for this contest, Shannon rented a very large space in Downtown Niagara Falls and was able to purchase her own laser rather than renting one. That allowed her to expand her services, hire two estheticians and expand operational hours.

The space she found downtown, located at 4681 Ontario Ave., was much larger than she needed for her own two businesses. Here is where Synergy Niagara was born. After an extensive renovation of the unit, Shannon decided to create a clinic specific to health and aesthetic services. Synergy Niagara is a combination of different businesses catering to these fields. There are four businesses inside the Synergy Niagara Health & Aesthetic Clinic, Bare Aesthetics & Painless Laser Hair Removal Niagara, Revitalize Your Health, TheraWorks Massage Therapy and Moonlight Lashes.


When Shannon started attracting other businesses to join her at the Synergy Niagara clinic, she was very meticulous about who joined. “Medical aesthetics is an unregulated profession, meaning someone with zero education would be able to offer these services without any training or certification. However, any business within the clinic is highly trained, experienced, and certified. This makes the businesses at Synergy Niagara unique from many others.” Added Shannon. Clients will be at ease choosing a business from Synergy Niagara, knowing that they can trust the professional doing their services or providing their treatment.

“The Synergy Niagara clinic is a collection of businesses that work cohesively together, all in one location. They make recommendations and referrals to each other to make the overall client experience so much better. It is our goal to make a simple and convenient experience for our clients,” noted Shannon, “Which is why our slogan is “Better together… together for you.”

Shannon has four more spaces available in Synergy Niagara health and aesthetic clinic. She would be interested in bringing more unique professions to the downtown area within the health and aesthetics field. These could include naturopaths, dietitians, medical doctors, etc.

Shannon simply rents the rooms out, all businesses benefit from the beautiful, professional space and have the ability to run their business how they see fit. Room rental includes all bills, monitored security and more.

For more information about renting a space in Synergy Niagara Health & Aesthetics Clinic, contact Shannon:

(289) 668-6797

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