Eat Local Passport Program

Eat Local Passport Program

What is the Eat Local Passport?

The Eat Local Passport Program is an exciting contest running from June 6th to September 8th, where people can collect six (6) different stickers from eleven (11) local participating restaurants in order to enter a draw for a chance to win $1,000 in gift cards to Downtown Niagara Falls businesses! Participants may fill out more than one passport for a higher chance of winning. Each passport must have six (6) stickers from six (6) different participating businesses to be accepted for the draw.

Participating Vendors

The participating vendors are:


Passport pickup and drop off:

  • Passports are available for pickup at the participating businesses.
  • When you finish your passport, drop off your ballot at all participating vendors in their ballot box until September 8.
  • Your passport must have a sticker from six (6) different participating businesses to be accepted for the draw.
  • Fill up as many passports as you want!

How it works:

1.      Visit any of the participating businesses in Downtown Niagara Falls and make a minimum purchase of $10 to receive a sticker from the business.

2.    Repeat until your passport is filled with six (6) stickers from six (6) different participating businesses. Please ensure the name of the participating business is written underneath each sticker.

3.     Fill out your contact information and drop off your completed passport to any of the ballot boxes, located at the participating businesses, before September 8. You are now entered in the draw!

For more blank passports, simply ask for one from the participating businesses or the Downtown Niagara Falls BIA (4605 Queen St). Individuals may complete more than one passport; each passport must contain six (6) stickers from six (6) different businesses. Passports that do not contain six (6) different stickers are not eligible to be entered in the draw. The chances of winning increase with every filled passport completed. A winner will be drawn and announced via the Downtown Niagara Falls social media accounts after September 10, 2022.

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