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New University Coming to Downtown Niagara Falls

New University Coming to Downtown Niagara Falls

The Downtown Niagara Falls Business Improvement Area (BIA) is thrilled to announce our support for the University of Niagara Falls.  

The Downtown BIA was approached by Global University Systems a year ago with the proposed plans for the new university. After careful consideration the Downtown BIA was proud to give their support for the new development saying “[The University of Niagara Falls, Canada] would dramatically revolutionize the economic landscape and create a new stable education sector to complement the tourism industry within the City of Niagara Falls.”  

Global University Systems (GUS) will be building an 10,000-student private university in downtown Niagara Falls in the proposed Education Corridor of the Niagara Falls Downtown Revitalization Initiative. The university will be offering a multitude of courses with a focus on reskilling and upskilling Ontarians in various sectors that have both a direct and indirect effect on the local economy. Some of the courses that will be offered are: biomedical science, emerging technology, data analysis, business, and digital media.  

By offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of key sectors the university is able to meet the unique needs of the growing labour market in Ontario, and more specifically, in the Niagara Region. Courses will be delivered with multi-modal learning, allowing for enhanced learning and academic programs. The University of Niagara Falls, Canada will offer micro-credentials that will enhance the learning.  

“I had the opportunity to work with our Executive Director, Amanda on this project from the beginning and am very excited to be a part of the process of getting the University of Niagara Falls in our downtown,” said NFDBIA Board Member Eddy Pybus. “As a business owner and property owner downtown, I think this is going to be amazing for our district and for the city.”  

A main goal for the university will be to attract local, national, and international students to the vibrant and historical Niagara Falls. In partner with that the university will also bring a significant direct and indirect impact of the economy. It is estimated that the University of Niagara Falls, Canada will have an annual impact of $291 million in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), $194 million in labour income, $234 million in government tax, and create over 500 new jobs.  

Global University Systems (GUS) was founded in 2003, since then, GUS has grown to include 30 higher education institutions, with more than 85,000 students across the globe, including The Toronto School of Management, and has partnered with Niagara College. Over the years GUS’ continued success has gained a reputation of redefining education through network innovation, world-class student recruitment, continuous investment in quality, and a strong commitment to career accelerating student outcomes.  

The Downtown Niagara Falls BIA is excited to welcome this incredible economic development to our downtown district and cannot wait to see the prosperity it brings to the area. 

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