What We Offer

What We Offer

Downtowns are more than economic engines of small business: they are repositories of knowledge and culture and generators of new ideas, technology, and ventures.

 From its origin in the 1850’s, the downtown core remains the City’s central hub of small business. We’re home to flavourful eateries, banks, medical, legal and accounting professions are well represented. Municipal and Federal government services, the Post Office also reside downtown. Along with these activities, what we offer is a wide range of entertainment and personal services for all to enjoy.

Downtown Niagara Falls is the best, a perfect mix of history and entertainment. There are quaint antique shops and discount stores, a bakery (EVERYTHING BAKED ON PREMISES!), and a great mix of restaurants that will appeal to any taste.

A gem! A quaint atmosphere with a ton of local love! Downtown is a great place to go on your own, with family or as a couple with a few new Business opening their doors & some great shops!

There are some interesting shops the only downside is the Town has put parking meters on the main street recently, the Seneca Queen Theatre has some great entertainment and very inexpensive admissions.

What We Offer: Shopping District

Downtown has become the most dynamic destination in Niagara Falls for locals and tourists alike. We are different and unique! We are indeed the hidden gem, just a few minutes from the spectacular Wonder of the World, the majestic Falls! Downtown is where you enjoy the REAL, local flavour, colour, and tempo of Niagara Falls! WELCOME! 

In short, there is so much to see and do in Downtown Niagara Falls. Come see what we offer – with unique merchandise at affordable prices, and sumptuous food not found anywhere else in the region! Downtown is now fast becoming the hub and a must-stop destination at Niagara Falls. 

What We Offer: Events For Everyone

Downtown Niagara Falls is known for its family-friendly community weekly summer events which will include weekly bingo evenings, movie nights, car shows, motorcycle evenings, Saturday concerts, and entertainment evenings such as drag shows and dance showcases, along with Friday events, from May until September 2021. In addition, the Downtown Entertainment District will also host the Niagara Falls Christmas Market over 6 weekends, Santa Claus Parade, Canada Day , and Harvest Fest!

Check out our Downtown businesses, they often host live events and hold awesome programming!

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Our downtowns are revitalizing… 

Our historic downtown cores offer rich history, and a sense of place that define communities and are part of the fabric that makes us who we are as Niagarans. Our downtowns are walkable, filled with unique architecture, and are scaled to make us feel comfortable. 

While the big box developments will continue to dominate retail…people are yearning for a more intimate and unique retail experience that is so well accommodated downtown. 

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